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Vinyl Chloride Valve (‘HS’ valve series)

We provide costdown of plastic pipe equipment.


  • Corrosion resistivity, durability and maintenance free
  • High quality and cheap
  • Light and compact body
  • Maximum allowable pressure of 0.98 MPa (10 kg/cm2)
  • Made of Vinyl Chloride, polypropylene and Teflon and other materials

Original Products

Diaphragm Valve(40~150A)
  • Viton o-ring attached to shaft doubly, undoubted sealing
  • Full bore type, high-water run-off and low resistance
  • Compact face-to-face dimension, comfortable usage especially for apparatuses
  • Very cheap compared to similar component made domestically
Ball Valve
  • With protection mechanism for ball’s flying-out, easy maintenance
  • Single-union type and compact type with smaller body available
  • Automatic ball valve available
  • Both screw-in type and TS type of pipe-insertion port available

Flange connection (15 to 50A) (65 to 100A)
Union connection (15 to 50A) (65 to 100A)
Single union connection (15 to 50A)
Compact type (13 to 50A)

Butterfly Valve
  • Low torque, high sealing and easy operation
  • Thin valve, small pressure-loss and fluid flowing smoothly
  • Narrow face-to-face dimension, small and light

Handle type (50 to 150A)
Gear type (200 to 300A)

Ball Check Valve / Ball Foot Valve
  • Structure not subjected to external stress shuts out all counter-current flow
  • Small fluid resistance, fluid flowing smoothly
  • Compact body and light, capable of being attached at narrow space, and easy disassembly cleaning
Union Joint
  • Easy attaching and detaching just by screwing union nut
  • Compact, easy execution even in narrow space
  • No elution of heavy metal, capable of corresponding ultra-pure water specification
  • Rib structure, excellent durability,shock resistance and heat hardiness
  • TS socket enables stable junction
Processed Products

HASHIMOTO SANGYO can provide manufacturing and processing a range of vinyl-chloride products. Please feel free to Contact us.


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