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Plastic ball check valve for drainage pumps



  • PVC made, not corrode
  • Light weight and easy execution
  • Best for drainage, water stopping ball shifted sideways and 100%diameter
  • Specialized for the use of viynl chloride piping, TS adhesive type and screw-in type
  • easy cleaning and maintenance, with maintenance port
  • combined with VP600D, capable of 'on and off' by sliding

Product Specification

  • Material: body and ball (U-PVC), sheet and O-ring (EPDM)
  • Diameter: 50A
  • Connection method: TS bonding and screw-in
  • Fluid: sewage and filth
  • Temperature: ordinary
  • Diameter for solid-passing: not more than 35mm

State of display at Exhibition of Life and Equipment by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation in 2015 held at Tokyo Big Sight from Wed, 26/08/2015 to Thu, 27/08/2015.


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