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Sokuhai-Kun Ⅱ

You can freely plumb Sokuhai-Kun Ⅱ without worrying about plumbing incline because of its compact pump unit!

The water around of Japan changes significantly!
Small body and powerful pressure pump, Sokuhai-Kun Ⅱ!

'Sokuhai-Kun Ⅱ' forcibly drain the water under pressure with the power of pump, so that you can freely plumb drain pipe at the difficult place without the change of the layout of plumbing in the toilet, washstand. You can enjoy short period of the work,and reasonably economical cost down in the various scene with 'Sokuhai-Kun Ⅱ'.



  • Electrical power: 100V, single phase
  • Drain forcibly even in the place not enough for plumbing incline
  • Small and compact body installed on washstand and under toilet
  • Free exposuring on the floor and ceiling and hidden piping
  • Easy installing and cutback in cost of works (no bilge pit)


  • Effluent treatment of basement (house, building and car parking)
  • Renovating kitchen and toilet
  • Extension and structural alteration and plumbing layout of store and tenant.
  • Installing water-around equipment for care
  • Installing temporary toilet for workers of factory and event venue

State of display at Exhibition of Life and Equipment by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation in 2015 held at Tokyo Big Sight from Wed, 26/08/2015 to Thu, 27/08/2015.


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